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Since 1992, KEPARA Ltd. provides the best advice and service for the purchase/sale and rental of property throughout Mauritius, including Rodrigues. Our comprehensive database of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial and for office use), flats, bungalows and bare land is made to appeal to ALL those willing to buy or lease fixed assets.

The interests of owners keen on disposing of, or leasing, their land/s or building/s are also always professionally looked after. Please call us on the (+230) 465 4458 for the best deals, or browse through our site to discover worthy property transactions or to update KEPARA’s existing list.

We thank you in advance for your enquiries.

DISCLAIMER : Please note that the price can be changed without any notice and we do not bind ourselves whatsoever for the sale or rental of properties mentioned on our website and normally it is on first come and first serve basis.

REMARQUES : Veuillez noter que les prix mentionnes peuvent être modifiés sans preavis et nous ne prenons aucun engagement quelconque pour la vente ou la location des biens affichés sur notre site web et normalement c’est sur une base de premier venu et premier servi.